Win a Tassel Bracelet!!!

August 25, 2009

The Rachel Zoe Project is back and to kick off the new season, we teamed up with Possesionista to give away a TASSEL BRACELET to 1 lucky reader.

Check out the give away HERE.

Keep your eyes on Possesionista’s blog, she is a talent out picking out some really great deals. Thanks to her I finally found my grey boots for fall and I am loving my new metallic messenger bag by The SAK. My closet and I love her!!!


One of my favorite bloggers is Lucky Me.

She recently contacted me, to see if I wanted to participate in her 30th Birthday give away. Of course,I said “YES”!

30 was a great year for me and I hope it’s even better year for Erin. It’s the year, I married my soulmate and our lives have been blessed so much!

We are giving away these gorgeous peridot fillagree earrings. Peridot is the birthstone for all you August babies!

Filigree Earrings

Definitely, head over and check out the give away, there are some really great prizes for brides-to-be too!

The Lucky 30Birthday GiveAway!

I love these new earrings, that I just added to the shop! I think I might have to make a few for myself to keep!

They are simple and great to dress up an outfit. I am loving these liquid silver beads or cornerless cube beads.

I have a few more to add, so check back.

I love these crescent moon earrings with garnet stones, that I just made. I love the vintage look of the gold.

They are perfect for summer. I think I might have to make a pair for me to keep. Enjoy!


Recently, my youngest sister asked me to make her a surprise and send it to her. I had the perfect idea!  I have 3 wonderful sisters (and 1 brother but he doesn’t wear earrings, lol) and they are all so different!  I thought I would make a different pair of  earrings for each one of them inspired by their individual style & personality. 

142842 5D 640 IMG_4469

And here they are:

Stephanie is the youngest and we both share of love of everything fashion. She has a bit more of a edgier/rock n’ roll vibe to her and when I saw these thai silver beads, I immediately thought of her.

3 tier bali earrings:


3 tier bali

When I think of Kristin, I think of HOOPS!  Girl doesn’t even sleep without them!  Kristin to me is always just feminine and colorful in her style. She can go from her Charolette/SATC skirts and dresses to her summer style that reminds me of Miami and the beach. These teardrop earrings are feminine and sexy, just like her.

Kristin hoops

Then there is Jennifer, she has a simple, understated look and she does it with an ease that I love. She is gorgeous in her jeans and tees and just as fabulous in a colorful summer dress. These earrings I thought would be great for her to wear in day or evening and are perfect for the summer. 


They are all available in my shop!  Ssshh, don’t tell them but they will each be getting a surprise in the mail! A pair of their very own namesake design!

For awhile now, I have been trying to come up with packaging ideas that our affordable but also enviromentally friendly.  With the help of  THE FUSSY DESIGNER, she created the stamp and help me come up with the idea to use these recycled coasters.

I love it! The stamp came out great and I love that I can change the colors depending on my mood.



This bracelet was created for a bride.  It is a gorgeous crystal brooch bracelet with 2 sizes of swarovski pearls in ivory.

Bracelet can be customized with any brooch, different color pearls and with crystals and rondelles.

Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!!!